Sponsor a child's education

    After you filled in the form you will receive a confirmation-email with some extra details. Then you can start your sponsorship by depositing the amount of 15 Euro every month to our bankaccount.

    How does child sponsoring work?

    Due to serious economic problems and high inflation in Nigeria, the cost of books and other study materials has gone up. At Integral School, a monthly school fees equivalent of (€ 18), is now needed to provide school supplies, pay the teachers, and keep the school running. This is an amount many families can’t afford. Therefore, we ask sponsors to contribute € 15 and the underprivilege family to contribute the remaining € 3 monthly. We don’t want sponsors to pay the full school fees of the child they sponsor, because it’s important for parents to also have a sense of ownership towards the education of their child.

    What happens when I start sponsoring a child?

    • Sponsors receive a picture of the child, with the name and a short profile. Every year we send sponsors a new picture and an update on how the child is doing.

    • Sponsors can also send a picture twice a year to the child.

    • We give sponsors the chance to send the child a letter twice a year: once on his or her birthday and once at any time the sponsor would like (e.g. Christmas, before summer break etc.).

    • The children can write a reply to their sponsor’s letter, which is good for their letter writing skills and international orientation.

    • Sponsors who want to visit the child or the school, are most welcome. Contact our organization for more information.

    *All things mentioned above are optional.
    *Exchange of letters between children and sponsors will be through our organization, to guarantee the sponsors privacy

    We will inform you twice a year on all the progress in and around the school through our newsletter!

    Start sponsoring a pupil

    Nigeria’s primary school system explained

    Nigeria has two types of primary schools: public schools and private schools. Below we’ll give you a short summary of the system.

    Thank you for your support.